Outgoing Wednesday

A lovely day everyone! Just wanted to share with you some postcards I sent out today. 🙂 Hope the recipients will love what I chose to send them.

To Savannah in USA.. the biggest mosque in the U.A.E. (if I’m not mistaken). I saw it in the daytime but it sure looks majestic in twilight.


To Rainer in Germany… my favorite color of the desert sand.


To my wonderful penpal, Usi in Germany… how I wish to sit on a camel someday. I have seen it up close and personal but to travel by it. Nah.

usiLast but not the least, to another awesome penpal, Kalliopi in Greece… another type of water transportation used to cross the Dubai Creek. If you’re seasick, well, I don’t advise you to ride on one of these as you can really feel the flow of the water. 🙂

kalliopiWell, that’s about it for today. Thanks for reading.


Alert! Incoming Mail for Week# 26

I am feeling much better today.  Thank goodness!  So, I decided to post my incoming mail for week #26.


From clockwise:  A travelling postcard with cute Hello Kitty stickers from Jay in Brazil for a swap (sorry the postcard inside is not shown as I have sent it for the next round); a nice postcard of a town in Poland from Karolina; a lovely postcard from Ksenia in Israel via Moscow for Swap-Bot’s Q & A Postcard #5; and an amazing letter from my friend, Kalliopi, in Athens with a surprise gift of eye makeup enclosed.

Also if you noticed the envelope from Kalliopi is crumpled.  Well, Kalliopi’s letter was opened and checked, presumably, by the UAE postal office and resealed with gigantic staple wires at the back.  Sigh.  At least, I still got her gift. ^_^

Anyway, I’m hoping your week has started on the right foot.  More happy mails to all!