Outgoing Wednesday II

Hello everybody! I just want to share some postcards I sent out today. I am still so behind in my correspondence but will try to catch up soonest.

So, here goes the three postcards I sent out for Postcrossing.

To Ruru in Taiwan… featuring several of the things one might see in the U.A.E. The upper three photos feature some traditional architecture of the country while the third row of photos show the men and women in their traditional dress.

10365To Katya in Russia… she loves cats so I am assuming she would like a postcard featuring animals especially camels. I find these creatures quite adorable. I haven’t had the chance to ride one yet but it is in my bucket list. Surely.

10366Finally, to Ellen in Germany… similar to my first postcard highlighting the cultures and sights in U.A.E.

10369Well, I hope everybody’s week is going just grand. Until the next post. Thanks for reading!


Beep! Beep! Incoming Mail (with another Book Giveaway Win)

I am thankful that I am continuously receiving mails that divert my attention from the crisis in my hometown.  Otherwise, I will probably go mad from all the tension and heartbreak.

Anyway, here’s what I got these past 10 days.

…from Heather in Michigan, USA for a Blind Surprise (August) swap in Swap-Bot.  As you can see, the envelope is partially destroyed, but Emirates Post placed the parcel inside a transparent plastic envelope when I received it.


…a letter from Robyn in Australia.  The stamps made me smile…so cheerful and casual.



…and my recent book giveaway win from Jolina Petersheim ~ The Outcast , hosted by Tamara of Traveling with T.  It is autographed so another one in my special ‘signed books’ collection.




Thank you for passing by, dear readers.  A blessed week to everyone!

Incoming Mail Update (including a Signed Copy of Undone)

First of all, thank you for dropping by over here.  I appreciate it.  Really.

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks for me at the hospital that all I wanted to do after a day’s work was to plop on my bed and sleep.  I felt my body weakening, literally, so I had to hear the li’l voice in me saying “rest, Jennifer, rest.”  Hence, that’s what I did.  Consequently, I haven’t posted much about my mails.  I’m changing that right this minute by sharing with you what I got in the mail for the past couple weeks.


…from Belgium, the Netherlands, and the U.K.


…from different states in the U.S.A.IMG_0239[1]


…from Vanessa in Malaysia for Swap-Bot’s Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R11.  The postcard she wants to make the rounds is of a typewriter, which made me drool.  I love typewriters!  I wish I could keep this one, but I have to send it out so it can travel to far off places in the world. 🙂




…and a signed free copy of Undone sent by Jennifer and Keri of Broken Girl.  This is my first non-fiction book for this year. Thank you so much!




I hope you all, dear readers, have a lovely weekend in your part of the world.