Lost and Found Mails

I haven’t had much outgoing mails to send the past several weeks so I refrain from visiting my P.O. box.  Today, however, I had to file for an exam and the office I went to was right next door the post office. Long story short, I checked my mailbox and voila! I got several letters waiting for me to claim them. Look!


And the most amazing thing about these letters was that I thought them forever lost from all the holiday rush traffic. I am so happy to finally receive them. Tomorrow is soon enough for me to start my replies (and apologies).

Have a great week, everyone! Thank you for reading.


A Homemade Fabric Postcard

I was out and about this morning ~ went to the bank, post office, and legal translation office for errands.  It is a very sunny day, but the heat was offset by the cool wind that made my walking to these offices bearable.  Although I do feel a headache starting.  Tsk tsk.

Anyhow, I got a wonderful surprise from my mailbox.  Included in Melanie’s (in Ontario) letter was a homemade fabric postcard.  It is my first time to receive such and I think I’m inlove with it.  LOL.  To immortalize my falling hard (excuse the pun), I’m sharing to you the postcard.  I hope you’ll like it as much as I did, dear readers.  🙂



Isn’t it great?  I feel like a little girl opening presents on her birthday.  Hehe.  Well, gotta go now.  Much, much things to do today.

Have a wonderful day to everyone!

Beep! Beep! Incoming Mail (with another Book Giveaway Win)

I am thankful that I am continuously receiving mails that divert my attention from the crisis in my hometown.  Otherwise, I will probably go mad from all the tension and heartbreak.

Anyway, here’s what I got these past 10 days.

…from Heather in Michigan, USA for a Blind Surprise (August) swap in Swap-Bot.  As you can see, the envelope is partially destroyed, but Emirates Post placed the parcel inside a transparent plastic envelope when I received it.


…a letter from Robyn in Australia.  The stamps made me smile…so cheerful and casual.



…and my recent book giveaway win from Jolina Petersheim ~ The Outcast , hosted by Tamara of Traveling with T.  It is autographed so another one in my special ‘signed books’ collection.




Thank you for passing by, dear readers.  A blessed week to everyone!

Incoming Mail Update (including a Signed Copy of Undone)

First of all, thank you for dropping by over here.  I appreciate it.  Really.

It has been quite a busy couple of weeks for me at the hospital that all I wanted to do after a day’s work was to plop on my bed and sleep.  I felt my body weakening, literally, so I had to hear the li’l voice in me saying “rest, Jennifer, rest.”  Hence, that’s what I did.  Consequently, I haven’t posted much about my mails.  I’m changing that right this minute by sharing with you what I got in the mail for the past couple weeks.


…from Belgium, the Netherlands, and the U.K.


…from different states in the U.S.A.IMG_0239[1]


…from Vanessa in Malaysia for Swap-Bot’s Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R11.  The postcard she wants to make the rounds is of a typewriter, which made me drool.  I love typewriters!  I wish I could keep this one, but I have to send it out so it can travel to far off places in the world. 🙂




…and a signed free copy of Undone sent by Jennifer and Keri of Broken Girl.  This is my first non-fiction book for this year. Thank you so much!




I hope you all, dear readers, have a lovely weekend in your part of the world.

Week #33 Incoming Mail and Another Book Giveaway Win!

My mailbox was very happy this week’s past because it got more than its usual share of mails.  Here, look!


A letter from my dearest penpal, Kalliopi in Athens, with an enclosed beaded necklace.  Another letter from Melissa in Arizona for Swap-Bot’s Travelling Letter Twist (July).  Did you know that there’s a place in Arizona called Romance???  Wow, it must be pretty wonderful to live there!  Hehehe.  Melissa writes that for a woman who grew up in the city, country living is great.  Next is a parcel from Susanna in Finland for Swap-Bot’s Blind Surprise Swap (July).  Silly but I was excited peeling off the wrappers of each of the gifts she sent me.  Felt like it was my birthday.  And lovely postcards from Santorini, Colorado, Moscow and New Mexico.  Thanks to all!

Finally, I received my second book giveaway win over at Wordsmithing Ain’t Easy hosted by Kelli last July.  Thanks so much Kelli!  I can’t wait to start reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman.





What a great way to start another week!  I wish you all an amazing week ahead.

Alert! Incoming Mail for Week# 26

I am feeling much better today.  Thank goodness!  So, I decided to post my incoming mail for week #26.


From clockwise:  A travelling postcard with cute Hello Kitty stickers from Jay in Brazil for a swap (sorry the postcard inside is not shown as I have sent it for the next round); a nice postcard of a town in Poland from Karolina; a lovely postcard from Ksenia in Israel via Moscow for Swap-Bot’s Q & A Postcard #5; and an amazing letter from my friend, Kalliopi, in Athens with a surprise gift of eye makeup enclosed.

Also if you noticed the envelope from Kalliopi is crumpled.  Well, Kalliopi’s letter was opened and checked, presumably, by the UAE postal office and resealed with gigantic staple wires at the back.  Sigh.  At least, I still got her gift. ^_^

Anyway, I’m hoping your week has started on the right foot.  More happy mails to all!