Orphaned Postcard Project by PostMuse

Greetings everyone!

In 2013, I joined postmuse’s Orphaned Postcard Project in my personal quest of reigniting my love for snail mails. ūüôā

Hence today I thought of sharing with you the links for the postcards I chose to ‘adopt’ for this project of hers. And maybe, just maybe, you might want to join her project too. Who knows, right?

Postcard 1 – Austria via U.A.E. with a Stop in Korea”¬†


Postcard 2 – Tall Buildings Getting Taller


And yeah, you guessed it, I’m thinking of adopting a couple of postcards this year.

Thanks for reading.


Outgoing Wednesday II

Hello everybody! I just want to share some postcards I sent out today. I am still so behind in my correspondence but will try to catch up soonest.

So, here goes the three postcards I sent out for Postcrossing.

To Ruru in Taiwan… featuring several of the things one might see in the U.A.E.¬†The upper three photos feature some traditional architecture of the country while the third row of photos show the men and women in their traditional dress.

10365To Katya in Russia… she loves cats so I am assuming she would like a postcard featuring animals especially camels. I find these creatures quite adorable. I haven’t had the chance to ride one yet but it is in my bucket list. Surely.

10366Finally, to Ellen in Germany… similar to my first postcard highlighting the cultures and sights in U.A.E.

10369Well, I hope everybody’s week is going just grand. Until the next post. Thanks for reading!

Outgoing Wednesday

A lovely day everyone! Just wanted to share with you some postcards I sent out today. ūüôā Hope the recipients will love what I chose to send them.

To Savannah in USA.. the biggest mosque in the U.A.E. (if I’m not mistaken). I saw it in the daytime but it sure looks majestic in twilight.


To Rainer in Germany… my favorite color of the desert sand.


To my wonderful penpal, Usi in Germany… how I wish to sit on a camel someday. I have seen it up close and personal but to travel by it. Nah.

usiLast but not the least, to another awesome penpal, Kalliopi in Greece… another type of water transportation used to cross the Dubai Creek. If you’re seasick, well, I don’t advise you to ride on one of these as you can really feel the flow of the water. ūüôā

kalliopiWell, that’s about it for today. Thanks for reading.

Outgoing Mail Update

It seemed that for the last week or so, my body was willing but my spirit was not. ¬†Sadly, worrying too much makes it so. ¬†However, yesterday some bit of good news came on the ‘war’ in my hometown so I was able to get several essays cooking but will upload it one at a time. ¬†First place comes by way of me updating on the outgoing mails I was able to post on Friday. ūüôā

To Sara in Asturias, Spain for Swap-Bot’s Blind Surprise Swap (September). ¬†I hope she likes all the surprises I wrapped especially for her. ūüôā



These postcards en route to the U.S. and Malaysia for Swap-Bot’s 52 Postcards in 2013. ¬†The PC above is one of the rare PCs of my emirate (Fujairah). ¬†And the PC below shows one of Kish Island’s view in the Persian Gulf.



I still have quite a few letters to seal and send. ¬†Here’s hoping I can update again soonest.

Thanks for dropping by, dear readers. ¬†I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Signed, Sealed and on Its Way

This week’s outgoing mail consisted of:


Fujairah-20130625-00660This is a resend to Hilary in Alberta, Canada for Swap-Bot’s Paper Goods swap ¬†back in April as she didn’t get the first one I sent her. ¬†I wonder which postal service is to blame???

Fujairah-20130626-00667¬† I joined another package swap re: Swap-Bot’s Blind Surprise swap. This one is on its way to Philippa in Australia. Hope she gets it fast and it won’t get lost. Fingers crossed.

And Postcards!

Out6The card above shows sketches of how the New Souk in Sharjah looks like as well as the Waterfront view near it.  This card is on its way to Karolina in Poland, for a direct swap.

Out7This next card shows the Dubai Metro train which most people use to commute once they are in Dubai. ¬†It is on its way to Sanna in Finland for Swap-Bot’s A Postcard from Your Town #7 swap.

Out8And for the last journeying postcard of the week is from the Philippines featuring the famed Pagsanjan Falls.  I chose this to send to Alya, an avid postcrosser.

Happy mailbox to everyone!

From U.A.E. with Love

Outgoing mail for this week consists of…


This card features the Burj Al Arab (tallest hotel in the world) at dusk and it is on its way to Emma in the U.K. for Swap-Bot’s Little Things…PC Swap #9.


This next postcard shows multi-views of places in the emirate of Sharjah (1-Khaled Lake, 2-American University in Sharjah, 3-Kasba Channel). ¬†And is journeying to Sarah in New York for Swap-Bot’s Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow PC Swap #5.


For a direct swap with a postcrosser in Ukraine, Irina, I am sending her this postcard of The Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai.  Mosques in every corner of any emirate here in the U.A.E. is a common sight for everyone.


And last but not the least, this postcard featuring downtown Dubai for an avid postcrosser Jeanette in the Netherlands.


I hope everyone likes the cards I chose to send them. ^_^

Sorting Out my Pile of Correspondence

Whoa! No entries since more than a month ago. Gotta make up for it. So, here goes…

I devoted this week and still devoting this week until the weekend to sorting out all of my correspondence.  I checked and rechecked all the mails I have not answered; swaps I have not rated; and postcards I have not registered.  Luckily, I am 80% done.  All I need to do now is write my letters to my penpals and by next week I shall have a clean slate. Fingers crossed.  Unfortunately, I was not able to have photos taken of my first two batches of outgoing mails this week.  I really have to improve on my documentation skills, eh?  Hehehe.

Anyway, last night I was able to finish (again) some more outgoing mails. ¬†These three letters will be on their way today to Turkey, Croatia and the Czech Republic. ¬†Hope it won’t get lost as I am experiencing some of my mails not reaching their destinations.


Additionally, I’ve prepared some postcards to go out with the above outgoing letters as well. ¬†This one is for a swap in Swap-Bot (52 Postcards in 2013). ¬†It shows an aerial view of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. ¬†Hopefully, it should reach Canada in a forthnight.

postcrossing1 4


This next postcard is on its journey to an avid postcrosser in Russia.  The card shows a picture of the Gold Souk in the emirate of Sharjah, U.A.E.

Scan 3


And last but not the least, a postcard for a direct swap in Colorado, U.S.A.  This card depicts the interaction between man and camel in the heart of the desert.

Scan 4


Well, I shall hope to post again tomorrow.  ^_^