About Me, eh?

I never really know what to say.  But, here you go…

I am living one of my dreams.  In sixth grade, I knew I wanted to be a nurse.  But blame it on my undecided self and some extenuating circumstances, I took up a finance course and although successful found it too stressful and I was unhappy most of the time.  Finally, when given the chance, I studied nursing and here I am now – a nurse.  And I am happy.  That’s all that matters anyway, right?

I am obsessive-compulsive.  This has always turned off people who are getting to know me, but right now I don’t force other people to like me.  You can never please everybody.  So, I just go about my business and do whatever makes me happy.  (I’m all about happy at present.)  Besides, my condition is not so bad because I learned to control it.  Although, once in a blue moon I get too Sheldon Cooper-ish.  If you know what I mean.

I was an introvert, but now only moderately shy.  I have always been socially awkward, hence, my love of reading and writing my thoughts.  But through the years, with the help of my husband, I have learned to be almost comfortable meeting new people.

I have eclectic interests and hobbies.  It just is.

My vices remain to be: Books and more books.

If books are my vice. Subscription boxes have become my addiction.

And I am always open to new friendships through snail mail.  So, you can write to me at:



5 thoughts on “About Me, eh?

    • Thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate the welcome. I already picked up some new titles from your site. Can’t wait to go to a bookstore and get these titles. Keep sharing!

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