Our Bratislava Experience in 1 Day and 1 Night

For our 12th year wedding anniversary, hubby and I took a week-long trip to Europe. Our first stop was Bratislava in Slovakia. Slovakia is a European Union member state surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland.

After a 6-hour long flight via FlyDubai, we arrived at Bratislava International Airport. I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else go through this, but every time I go through immigration of any country I visit, I get anxious. I mean, I make up lots of scenarios on my mind of what might go wrong. Is that weird or what? Or is that I’m a Type A person? Anyway, after deplaning a bus took us to the arrivals gate and from there we walked until we reached the immigration gates. It was only our plane that landed at that time, around 1 pm Slovakia time, so it was our plane’s passengers going through immigration. When it was my turn, I said good morning to the immigration officer, gave my passport and he checked my papers. Although he checked my papers for under 2 minutes, it felt like forever. Really, I’m so funny. Then he asked me to place four of my fingers on the scanner and luck was not with me because my hands were sweating which is very rare, so the scanner cannot read my prints. Bummer a million times. So, he had to assist me and said ‘you have to place your fingers tenderly on the scanner plate like this.’ I grimaced at him and when the scanner beeped the green light. He stamped my passport and into the first European country I enter.

Emerald remarked why it took me so long (it was just 5 minutes!) to go through immigration. I embarrassingly told him my experience with the bulked up immigration officer and he laughed. You see, he never ever experiences glitches going through immigration that’s why. Major hmph.

After several more minutes, we were welcomed by a cool breeze outside the airport. And I loved it! Much as I love the Emirates I love cooler climates more it seems. Hehe.