Hi everyone! It’s that time of the year again when almost all are making resolutions to start anew. As for me, I fail whenever I make resolutions at the beginning of the year. Hence from last year I have started to set goals for myself. Achievable ones only, of course. For this year, I have 5 goals written down in black and white in my new planner. Hehe. Two of which were carry overs from last year’s list. The list may grow as the new year progresses but these five goals are my main focus. Hopefully, I achieve all of them by end of the year.

In this note, I would like to share to you my planner for this year. I am determined to cut back on my expenses so I had to forego my favorite planner for this year. It makes me sad to do that but I comfort myself with the thought that the little I was able to save will go a long way to adding to our savings account for this year. Always a silver lining somewhere. 🙂 So, while browsing the net for some free printable planners for this year, I came across The Handmade Home. Naturally, there are a lot of free planners out there but I chose this for its funkiness and simplicity. I’ve printed out January to March to start with. If any are still deciding on the kind of planner you’d like to try, why not head over to The Handmade Home. Perhaps you’ll like it as well.

Here’s my version of the planner… IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 As you can see I have started my Week #2. 🙂 Finally, I hope you all are having a great start for this New Year 2015. Thanks for reading.


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