Babysitting Lexie

Hello everyone! Hope the holidays are treating you very kindly. 🙂

My days are going by like a blur and I feel kind of panicked because by next week I’ll be back to work. Yeah, right. Sigh. Oh, I wish the days can crawl slowly just for this week for me. Anyway, the highlight of my month is my adorable cutie pie niece, Lexie. When my sister called to say if we (hubby and I) can babysit because she has some work requirements to finish, we jumped on the available taxi to visit with Lexie sweetie. Tiring as it is to babysit a 20-day old baby, Lexie is easy-peasy for me. Hehe. I think she likes my singing voice. Go figure babies. Everybody can’t stand my voice. Lol. Lexie has grown after not seeing her for a week. Her body is sturdier and she can focus her eyes on things now. Thus, hubby got the confidence to carry her and put her to sleep while I got a couple hours of shut eye.

So, here are some snaps of us babysitting Lexie. Can’t wait to see her again tomorrow.





Well, then, have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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