Babysitting Lexie

Hello everyone! Hope the holidays are treating you very kindly. ๐Ÿ™‚

My days are going by like a blur and I feel kind of panicked because by next week I’ll be back to work. Yeah, right. Sigh. Oh, I wish the days can crawl slowly just for this week for me. Anyway, the highlight of my month is my adorable cutie pie niece, Lexie. When my sister called to say if we (hubby and I) can babysit because she has some work requirements to finish, we jumped on the available taxi to visit with Lexie sweetie. Tiring as it is to babysit a 20-day old baby, Lexie is easy-peasy for me. Hehe. I think she likes my singing voice. Go figure babies. Everybody can’t stand my voice. Lol. Lexie has grown after not seeing her for a week. Her body is sturdier and she can focus her eyes on things now. Thus, hubby got the confidence to carry her and put her to sleep while I got a couple hours of shut eye.

So, here are some snaps of us babysitting Lexie. Can’t wait to see her again tomorrow.





Well, then, have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚


I Sew, Finally

It has been the longest dream of mine to be able to own a sewing machine and sew cute li’l projects with it. Finally, this year on my birthday hubby gifted me with a Singer sewing machine. Wow, it’s one of the best gifts ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰ wpid-20141025_191350.jpg Of course, I’m living in the land of desert and sand so finding fabrics to start making the projects I wanted was not just hard but quite frustrating. All they sell are satins and cotton solids. Sigh. Luckily, I remembered some polyester and cotton fabric my mom brought last January from the Philippines so I can make myself some scrubs for work but didn’t get the time to go to the tailor. So last night after dinner I browsed some sewing tutorials and found one at Craftsy that I was comfortable with and it was free!

Ta-da! My very first reversible Tote Bag. Tote BagI wish I had cuter fabrics to work with but am glad I had one to practice on. It’s not as near perfect as I wanted it to be; however, I am so proud of myself for finishing this. If you have suggestions as to where online I can buy cute and cheap fabrics, please drop me a line. Thanks in advance. And thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Hello there! Happy holidays to all!

I’m sure everybody’s busy nowadays considering it’s that time of the year again. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for me, last night was the first time in two weeks that I was able to sleep for eight hours straight. Not that I’m complaining since the reason for my erratic sleeping pattern was my newborn niece. Yes! Another addition to my side of the family. My younger sister, Jocelyn, gave birth on the 6th of December and we have been busy since. It was a difficult delivery for my sister and I was there every step of the way straight from my night shift duty at work. So, you can just imagine how many cups of coffee I consumed that time. Hehe. Thank God she delivered naturally and both she and my niece, Lexie, are doing just great as of this writing. Naturally, I am the designated babysitter because I started my annual leave on the same day Lexie was born. Additionally, I have the professional knowledge of taking care of newborns as it is part of my job description in the hospital. And being a babysitter of a newborn is a bit scary and fraught with sleepless nights. I let my sister and my brother-in-law sleep the minute I took over so I’m so happy I got to bond with our li’l cutie pie which meant aunt Jenny didn’t get enough sleep which was well worth it. Anyway, let me just share you a couple of snaps with Lexie…

wpid-20141206_233359.jpgย This was when we finally got her to ourselves. Me with my youngest sister, Jan, on her birthday.


And this is a selfie of me and Lexie while I was babysitting her. This cutie likes to sleep on my chest every time.

Well, I’ll let you get back to your busy-ness hehe. Thanks for reading. And happy holidays again.