Getting Out of the Shadows

I have neglected my letter writing among the other hobbies for the past several months because of self-diagnosed depression. Really. Honestly, I’m ashamed that I kept everybody who sent me missives hanging without a reply. But what can I do? All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep. I didn’t have the enthusiasm or even the slightest motivation to do the things I know I love such as writing, stitching, blogging and reading. Even household projects which I usually like to do on a good day has been relegated to the sideline. Sigh. However, finally, I’m coming out of the shadows one day at a time. Thank goodness! Hopefully, I won’t give in to the darkness anytime soon. Please pray for me, will you?

Yesterday, I started writing my friend, Kalliopi, in Athens. Of all my new pen pals, she is one of the three that have always been patient. I’ll be telling her this nasty episode in my life, of course. And I know she’ll understand. I need my friends to keep fighting this darkness. But I am still not willing to see a professional because I am afraid.

There I’ve said it. Yes, I am afraid of what he/she might say. I’m even afraid to tell my family. So, I am doing the next best thing – writing letters and blogging. I’ve even started a new diversion – subscription boxes. Fingers crossed I’ll never go back to those months.

Thank you for reading. Sharing by writing has always helped me.



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