Review: Glossybox May 2014

Glossybox is the first subscription box I subscribed to after I came across beauty subscription boxes on YouTube. With permission from hubby, of course. Wink! I talked about it here. I decided to do my reviews in the order I receive them to properly try out the sample-sized products in the box. Just fair, right? So if you’d like to discover it yourself, check it out with this referral link.

Before I go into each products of the May edition box, I’d like to commend Glossybox’s customer care. I complained to them via email that my box was missing (April 2014) and within a few hours they replied and tried their best to come up with a solution. Sadly, nothing could be done of the missing box because it was my own courier who messed up. As of this writing, I am still waiting for the refund.

So, without further ado let’s go dissect my May 2014 Special Edition Glossybox.


This is the box I received in the mail especially featuring one of the most exclusive department stores in the world – Bergdorf Goodman. It’s in a cute purple color that contained 6 luxury products chosen for me by the Glossybox’s staff. The box is made of sturdy material and you can re-use it to store your beauty products or other knick-knacks that you might think of or use it as gift boxes to friends and family members. Using this box as a gift box is what I had in mind when I received it. Let me know of other ways how you’ll use it, will you?


And because I was excited (it was my first subscription box, after all), I tried out 2 products that night. The first one I tried is the Lancer Lift Serum Intense. It boasts of a stem cell recovery formula that will immediately lift the skin where it is applied. As per instruction, the serum should be applied every night on the face, neck and décolletage. Due to its small size, 0.17 fl oz., I was only able to use a small quantity at a time but I tried to apply on my face full-on and my neck. I wish it could’ve been more, but it was better than none. [Full size: $275 / 0.84 fl oz]

In my opinion: The stem cell recovery formula is a great discovery because in two days’ time I saw my skin near the eyes and nose firming. Imagine how it would look if I continue using this serum with a full size one, right? Sadly, I cannot afford to spend right now for the full size product. However, I definitely recommend to you out there who has money to spare. The product works nicely. I’m just not sure if you have to use it continuously to maintain the effectiveness it brings.


The second one I tried that night was the RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum. I think I got this product because in my beauty profile I specifically wanted something for my under eye problems such as little crow’s feet, bagginess, etc. I used this cream after cleansing and toning my face for the night. Just a pinch size of this cream is more than enough to apply around the eyes. So the sample size of 0.17 fl oz will go a long way. [Orginal size: $350 / 0.50 fl oz]

In my opinion: RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum is a quality product that is not only talk. It works, actually. It is cool and soothing to the eyes and it has no overwhelming smell that I’m allergic to. After two weeks of using it, I feel the teeny-weeny wrinkles on my eyes’ corners have visibly reduced. I feel my eyes are finally coming out of its shadows, so to speak. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be buying this product in the near future as it is a bit out of my spending range at the moment.


The next day of receiving my May Glossybox, I used Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer. My sample was 15ml/ 0.50 fl oz. The primer is best used after toner and before foundation or BB cream application. [Original size: $45 / 1.7 oz.]

In my opinion: Honestly, I never knew what’s a primer supposed to do. My sister, Jocelyn, always ask me to apply one on everytime we get ready to go somewhere special when she is visiting. Otherwise, after toner I apply some pressed powder only. How clueless was I? Of course, the first time I tried Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, I knew what a primer is supposed to be doing that time. This primer glides over the skin easily. It does not give an oily finish. And it even smells wonderful. Not overpowering or anything. Of all the products in this box, this primer is the one I’m ready to buy for myself.


The fourth product I tried was Aerin Rose Hand & Body Cream. It’s supposed to soothen, moisturize and invigorate the skin. This sample comes at 0.50 fl oz. It has a “delicate rose scent” to it. [Original size: $40 / 4.2 fl oz.]

In my opinion: This cream is soothing when I applied it on my hands. It moisturized  my skin for a while but the moisture didn’t last. Perhaps my hands are way too leathery due to frequent handwashing in the hospital. However, it didn’t do wonders to my hands. And I really like my hand cream to be penetrating my very dry hands. Another thing the scent was lovely but it wasn’t for me. After using it on my hands, the scent kept on overpowering the other smells around me and I hate it when my skin care products do that because I have difficulty to breath. Weird, I know. But that’s just me.


The next item on the May Glossybox that I tried was Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction (for hair). It comes at the sample size of 0.85 fl oz. It is gluten free. It boasts to perfect hair in not one but ten ways. Thus, the 10-in-1 highlight to its name. It is suggested to be applied to towel-dried hair, but it can also be used on dry hair. [Original size: $25 / 2.5 fl oz.]

In my opinion: I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular with this product. But I was amazed at how it gave my hair the sudden smoothness and manageability it almost always lacks. And this hair cream smells terrific especially after shampooing. This product is definitely a must have to anyone’s hair care regimen.


Last but not the least, I was able to try Sulwhasoo Time Treasure Renovating Cream. I know it was included in my box because I wanted something to reduce my wrinkles and aging signs. I applied it at night but it can also be used in the morning.[Original size: $400 / 2 fl oz.]

In my opinion: By far, this is the most expensive in my May Glossybox at $400. It easily glides on application, but it is somehow thick looking on the face after. Although it moisturizes the skin, it leaves it a bit on the oily side after. It is too visible and you have to use it when you’re not going somewhere soon. Anyhow, I liked its smell and how it somehow penetrates the deeper layers of my skin. It has a soothing effect after application as well. Sadly, it is way too expensive for me.

Finally, the May Glossybox didn’t disappoint. I got to try out some never heard before luxury products that I may never get the chance to use otherwise. Included also in the box is a $25 gift card that can be used at Bergdorf Goodman in New York or on their online store. The products plus the gift card was more than what I paid for.

Until my June Glossybox. Thanks for reading.

[For further information on Glossybox, please refer to their website:]


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