My Increasing Addiction to Subscription Boxes

A Friday in April, hubby and I were at the movies. Afterwards, both of us had to use the cinema’s wash rooms. When I met hubby at the lobby after, I irritatingly commented that I never seem to remember to bring something to freshen up my face. He remarked that he has never seen me carry a kit just for that purpose from when he knew me a million years ago. Ouch! His remark made me think that yeah I’ve always been so out-of-touch with hair, make up and beauty trends. I’ve always been contented with my easy-breezy style. Clothes, shoes and bags I dig but make up? Nah-uh.


To make the long story short, I started browsing YouTube for make up tutorials for beginners like me who wants to enter the world of beauty, etcetera. Lo and behold, I came across with names like Ipsy, Birchbox, Beauty Box, Glossybox, GoodeBox among others. I learned they are subscription boxes that for a certain price you get beauty products mailed to your doorstep every month with deluxe-sized products for well-known brands all over the world. To appease my curiosity, I browsed each of the boxes’ websites. Surprisingly, I was interested to subscribe. In my defense, I really don’t know what to get for myself whenever I go to the drugstore or supermarket or even Sephora. I tried going to Boots but all I did was browse their aisles of beauty products without buying a single thing. Now you must be laughing at me. Wink!

My first subscription was to Glossybox. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience. My April box was rerouted by my courier to someone with the exact same name as me so until now I’m still waiting for the refund of the invoice price. Good thing I got my May box just in time for I was planning on cancelling my future subscription. But the experience didn’t stop me to subscribe to two more boxes namely Ipsy and Birchbox UK. I’ve received my June Birchbox and am waiting for Ipsy to mail my July glambag. As of this writing, I have subscribed to still another box i.e. Birchbox. This time it’s from the US. Talk about compulsion, eh?

In conclusion, I think I’m hooked to these subscriptions. I’m discovering brands and products I’ve never heard of before that I wouldn’t have given the time of day unless someone gave them to me as gifts for they’re way out of my league. At least with these subscription boxes I am able to try them out and it has pushed me to at least take more care of my body’s outer appearance. However, don’t bet I’ll be putting on a lot of make up in the near future for I still am (at the very core) an easy-breezy kind of girl.

Thanks for reading.

[Photo courtesy of Google search engine.]


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