Happy 10th, My Love


still marrie


My darling Junn,

Happy 10th year, my love.

Do you remember the one time I asked you if you ever resented me or our marriage at any time? You said and I translate in English, ‘No, because if I have not met you or married you I don’t know what would’ve have happened to me or what my life is now.’

Do you know I treasured those words very much? I felt in those few words you defined what kind of wife I am to you. And what kind of marriage you think we have. Thank you for thinking I have been good for you, for your life. As I think you have been good for me, too.

I may say I love Leonardo DiCapprio many times than you may like for he is my first love (you know that, hehe) or how I’m so ga-ga over Enrique Iglesias (because I truly am). One thing’s for sure you, my Emerald, are my one and only huni. And I always thank God for you.

The past ten years have been one swell ride. 🙂 I’m so looking forward to the next fifty or so years.

To the 10th year [May 1, 2014] and all the years that will follow…cheers to both of us! I love you.



[First photo courtesy of The Time-Warp Wife‘s Facebook page.]