His Pain, My Pain

pic pain

Ever since we relocated to the Emirates in 2011, my husband has been having a difficult time finding work that he really likes. I guess it’s because he had one of the best jobs and one of the best bosses a person could hope for in the Philippines. I know he gave it up because of me and our marriage. It was a hard decision for him, but it had to be made. Otherwise, we would be balancing a long-distance marriage now. And I don’t know what would’ve happened by now if that was the case.

I am writing this because I can’t seem to stop thinking how I felt when I read one of his employers’ email to him after he (with my help) sent an email to him requesting the company to release his February salary. It was after how many text messages and phone calls and emails of follow ups to his direct boss. What the hell, it was the 8th day of March already. We came here to earn and not giving his salary certainly put a big load on our budget. I, too, by that time did not received my February salary yet. It is a normal occurrence, actually, here in the Emirates for salaries to be delayed. However, employees don’t complain because well, they think “what’s the use?”, anyway. But mine was expected and I was not having any problems with my employer. So there.

What I am trying to say here is that the reply to my husband’s email was uncalled for. The sender wasn’t even courteous or professional in his reply which seemed out of place because all we wanted was for them to give my husband’s salary. It was his right. He was not asking for more than what he should have. Is it really too far-fetched to hope that people here have any professional ethics? Because I’ve been here more than two years now, and I can count on one hand the number of people who is fair and professional and courteous and unbiased.

As a wife, I felt hurt when I read the email. At that moment when I was reading it, I wished I could take all the pain my husband must have been feeling. He says it doesn’t matter to him because he has always provided completion of his projects even before the completion date. But I know him. Since he started with his present job, his self-esteem has been at an all-time low. I felt like crying that time, but I kept it to myself and put on a brave front for Junn. I hugged him and kissed him and tried to make a joke out of it. Somehow I knew it made a teeny-weeny bit of difference.

Finally, he has turned in his resignation and has given a month’s notice to his company which is what the UAE Labour Law requires. Therefore, his last working day after 30 days will be on the 8th of April. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t encounter anymore problems with his employer. It’s just too bad that who we thought was a person with professional ethics was the one person who turned out to be the worser kind. Now, he has emailed my husband threatening Junn that if he makes any attempt to file a case with UAE Ministry of Labour, he said in his words “remember we are much better at that than you.” Due to this, we sent an email requesting a list of the projects they require my husband to finish so that both parties are clear what has to be completed by April 8th. Otherwise, it’s just plain bullying on their part.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced bullying in the workplace?

Thanks for reading.

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