Our Cancelled Oman Day Cruise

My sisters and I planned a big day out to Musandam, Oman last Friday after a very long time of not having the same off day.  We arrived at the UAE-Oman border via Dibba ready and excited.  Boarded the boat that will take us to the much advertised Musandam with its vast mountain range and clear blue waters.  Unfortunately as we were crossing Gulf of Oman, the waves became so big and unmanageable that we had to turn and head back to port.  I admit I had moments of trepidation as the boat was hurtling here and there, but thankfully the boat’s driver was skilled and didn’t show outward stress and panic which calmed me in a way.  Expectedly all of us were disappointed that our day cruise was cancelled, but it was better to go home than be stuck in an island during the storm which passed most parts of the Middle East that day.

Anyway, we channeled our disappointment by watching a hilarious comedy after getting back home.  Still, I’d say I’m glad I had some quality time with my sisters, hubby and bro-in-law.  Below are some pictures we took of our almost day cruise.




Thank you for reading.


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