A Homemade Fabric Postcard

I was out and about this morning ~ went to the bank, post office, and legal translation office for errands.  It is a very sunny day, but the heat was offset by the cool wind that made my walking to these offices bearable.  Although I do feel a headache starting.  Tsk tsk.

Anyhow, I got a wonderful surprise from my mailbox.  Included in Melanie’s (in Ontario) letter was a homemade fabric postcard.  It is my first time to receive such and I think I’m inlove with it.  LOL.  To immortalize my falling hard (excuse the pun), I’m sharing to you the postcard.  I hope you’ll like it as much as I did, dear readers.  🙂



Isn’t it great?  I feel like a little girl opening presents on her birthday.  Hehe.  Well, gotta go now.  Much, much things to do today.

Have a wonderful day to everyone!


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