Annual Leave ’13 Diary, Part I

Hello, everyone!  I found some li’l bit of time today to update this blog of mine.  Thank heavens!  I have been very busy.  With what, frankly, I really don’t know.  Anyway, today marks the 4th day of my vacation from work.  Yes, it means I am a free bird ~ no erratic work shifts for 45 days!  Yoohoo!  Hence, I decided to put down into writing what I have accomplished every week of my vacation.  I so wish I could go home to the Philippines, but it is not practical since my parents are scheduled to be here in the U.A.E. by January.  And financially, hubby and I are just starting to get out of our overdrafts, so to speak.  So here goes…

1st November –

My first day of vacation started with me oversleeping that I almost wasn’t able to attend church worship services.  Good thing, my military-like upbringing did me good this time.  Hubby and I arrived in church with about 5 minutes to spare.  Whew!  You may ask why the hurry.  Aren’t there other times to attend services?  You see, here in the U.A.E., Christians are not persecuted to practice their religions but the schedules are strictly limited to Fridays which is most of the expats’ off day.  And our church only has a Thursday night and Friday morning schedule.  So, that’s why.

Later in the day, hubby and I spent malling and I bought myself four skinnies.  Hehehe.  Well, I don’t think it was too much because the last time I bought myself jeans was in 2011 yet.  I spend most of my time here in skirts so didn’t see the need to purchase pants.  But lately I’ve been addicted to Pinterest and some posts especially on fashion are to die for.  Besides, it’s the Fall season alrealy even if during the day it’s still very hot here in the U.A.E.

To cap the day, hubby and I enjoyed some very delicious Pinoy food at Pinoy Lomi House several blocks away from our apartment building.  Walking to and from the restaurant gave us some quality bonding time.

2nd November –

Second day was supposed to be my lazy day.  All I wanted was to stay under the comforter.  Unfortunately, I got some nasty bites from bed bugs that I had no recourse but to clean our room.  Bed bugs are very common here in the U.A.E. and even if you’re very clean one single bug can make your life hell.  So, we threw out our bed foam, pillows and assorted other things that we feel housed these bugs.  I just hope I have annihilated the last of the bugs.

3rd November –

Third day was correspondence day for me.  I rearranged (for the nth time) my incoming and outgoing mails.  Had to sort out which I still haven’t made a reply to.  I’m still not done but at least my ‘to answer’ pile has slimmed down.

Well, that’s about it.  Some of what I wrote may not be accomplishments per se, still it feels nice that I just didn’t sleep the three days away.  Until my next annual leave diary post.  Thank you for the time.


[Photo courtesy of Google.]


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