Outgoing Mail Update

It seemed that for the last week or so, my body was willing but my spirit was not.  Sadly, worrying too much makes it so.  However, yesterday some bit of good news came on the ‘war’ in my hometown so I was able to get several essays cooking but will upload it one at a time.  First place comes by way of me updating on the outgoing mails I was able to post on Friday. 🙂

To Sara in Asturias, Spain for Swap-Bot’s Blind Surprise Swap (September).  I hope she likes all the surprises I wrapped especially for her. 🙂



These postcards en route to the U.S. and Malaysia for Swap-Bot’s 52 Postcards in 2013.  The PC above is one of the rare PCs of my emirate (Fujairah).  And the PC below shows one of Kish Island’s view in the Persian Gulf.



I still have quite a few letters to seal and send.  Here’s hoping I can update again soonest.

Thanks for dropping by, dear readers.  I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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