Last night I was trying to remember exactly what I was doing when NY’s Twin Towers were hit that marked the historic tragedy that was 9/11 which left the entire world appalled at the atrocity.  And I did.

I was pretending to study for my Accountancy (duh) board exams with the TV on and tuned to CNN.  When I have a TV, it’s always tuned in to a global news network.  It’s one of my idiosyncracies, I guess.  Hence, the minute most Americans learned of the attack, I was with them.  I was stunned.  How can the strongest nation in the world become vulnerable to this kind of attack?  Then it broke my heart when I saw people trying to run for their lives and some were caught on camera losing their lives while at it.  I never left the front of my TV.  I wanted to know every teeny bit of news I could get.  Luckily for me, I had no work to worry that time that I can spend every waking moment getting all the news I could get.

I’m recounting this because I feel like the same young woman of twelve years ago when 9/11 happened.  The only difference today is I have work to answer to.  Thus, I can only get news of what’s happening to my hometown when I am off duty.  Which, by the way, makes me so helpless.  I know that if I’m with my family, I won’t even know what to do, but the thing is I’ll be with them.  I’ll be sharing every bit of emotion – fear, anxiety, anger, to name some – with them.  Unfortunately, I am here thousands of miles away.

But good always overcomes evil.  Thus, I am very hopeful that peace will return to my city soonest.  I have 9/11 to thank for this hope.  And like everyone out there reading, I will never forget, too.


Th World Trade Center (now)

A photo shared by Susan Elizabeth Phillips on her Facebook page.


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