What Kind of Sister Are You?

I always run away from confrontations. Ninety percent of the time, anyway. I guess I’m a coward, eh? What I don’t like in most confrontations are the noise level, the harsh words, and the guilt that follows after. But when I’m in one, I give as good as I get. Perhaps that’s the main reason I shy away from it – my tendency to be as mental as the other person. Anyway, I’m just writing this out because as the oldest sister in a traditional Filipino close knit family, I am responsible for seeing to it that my younger siblings never go astray even if they are way past the age of maturity or shall we say have reached the age to drink legally. However, I have realized that I’m not one of those overbearing, nosy big sisters that we know about. I think I’m more of the shoulder to lean on kind of sister. You can say I’m always available to listen even if I’m having a crisis of my own. And I am always, always someone who will never judge you for making the biggest mistake of your life. I just am. I just be. I mean, I just think what I will do when the same situation happens to me. Sometimes most of us just wants to have someone to be there. To be sure that whatever happens, you have someone you can count on. So that’s me. The silent, non-judging, shoulder to lean on sister. I don’t have anything against the stereotyped older sister because I, too, would want someone like that in my life. I would feel protected always. Nevertheless, I think I might have to be this kind of sister soon if I want the people I love to not make a mess of their own lives. Sigh. I really do hate interfering. But I have to. I need to. I know I can.

Thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts on this. 🙂


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