Week #33 Incoming Mail and Another Book Giveaway Win!

My mailbox was very happy this week’s past because it got more than its usual share of mails.  Here, look!


A letter from my dearest penpal, Kalliopi in Athens, with an enclosed beaded necklace.  Another letter from Melissa in Arizona for Swap-Bot’s Travelling Letter Twist (July).  Did you know that there’s a place in Arizona called Romance???  Wow, it must be pretty wonderful to live there!  Hehehe.  Melissa writes that for a woman who grew up in the city, country living is great.  Next is a parcel from Susanna in Finland for Swap-Bot’s Blind Surprise Swap (July).  Silly but I was excited peeling off the wrappers of each of the gifts she sent me.  Felt like it was my birthday.  And lovely postcards from Santorini, Colorado, Moscow and New Mexico.  Thanks to all!

Finally, I received my second book giveaway win over at Wordsmithing Ain’t Easy hosted by Kelli last July.  Thanks so much Kelli!  I can’t wait to start reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman.





What a great way to start another week!  I wish you all an amazing week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Week #33 Incoming Mail and Another Book Giveaway Win!

  1. wow.. what lovely letters you had and who will know about this place call Romance in Arizona.. lol.. i will check that out.. 😀 thank you for your lovely post.

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