Being Grateful

Life is not perfect.  Life is unfair.  Most of the times, anyway.  But either way, life is pretty wonderful.  Don’t you agree?  Yesterday, the Church I belong to had our mid-year thanksgiving service.  It’s not like we thank God during this time only.  But it’s our way of looking back on the first half of the year and all the blessings we’ve received inspite of all the trials that we faced along the way and give thanks as a community together.  Pretty neat, eh?

Actually, I have a lot of things to be grateful for. I am alive, am I not? Then my father is doing pretty well on his recovery after his brain surgery in February. My husband has found a job he likes and the pay doesn’t hurt either. My marriage has survived a very rough patch in April and is better because of it. I have a job I love. And most importantly, I love where I am and who I am right now. An occasion like this makes me feel pretty good inside and out. You see, at times, the bad tends to overshadow the good things I have going in my life.  When that happens, it sucks.  Big time.  So, I am glad I have the opportunity to say, ‘thank you, Lord.’

For what it’s worth, some pictures from yesterday after the service…





Happy weekend, everyone!



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