Making Up for Lost Time

After seven days, I finally got my off last Friday.  It was made sweeter because hubby was able to come home on Thursday night and we were able to attend church service together after six, very long, months.  Although my plan to do book shopping in Dubai went kaput, I didn’t mind it that much.  Of course, I made plans again to go to Kinokuniya this coming weekend.  But if all plans still fail, I will force Junn to go and buy me new books himself.  Hehehe.  It pays to have a husband who indulges my vice, eh?

Talking about indulgence, Junn surprised me with a brand new HP laptop when he came home.  After my Toshiba died a most horrible death in 2007, I didn’t ask for another one.  Instead I used a desktop at home to do all my nursing school works and only had to borrow his laptop some of the times I needed to finish my thesis and only when a laptop was more practical.  Until now I still can’t stop smiling when I think about the very good surprise.  He said it was his belated anniversary present to me.  Sometimes hubby can be sweet, but practical still.  Hehehe.  Without further ado, I’d like to share to you my very new toy.


I’m still familiarizing myself with the OS, but for the usual browsings and postings, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  It has a most enviable space on our work table beside the printer.

That’s about all the personal stuff I’ve been up to this weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, too!

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