And the Summer Lovin’ Readathon Ends

Too bad I was not able to participate for Days 6 and 7 of the Summer Lovin’ Readathon  as I had a toxic hospital duty and forgot all about my entries.  Nevertheless, I am still posting my participation entries here.  It is a nice feeling that I was able to complete the week-long read-a-thon.

Day 6 – “Hound Dog” and “Greased Lightnin!”

For this day, we are supposed to tell which bad boys make our hearts go pitter patter in all the wrong right ways.  As this pertains to books, I chose one bad boy from one of my favorite authors, Julie Garwood.

I chose Noah Clayborne, an undercover FBI agent as the bad boy that makes me drool reading about him in Julie’s books.  He is a charmer when it comes to women, but a hard-a**ed when it comes to criminals.  I like it that he is loyal to friends and is respectful of ladies although he leaves plenty of broken hearts along the way.  He is the typical scared-of-commitment guy until the right woman comes along.  If you are familiar with Julie Garwood’s works then you might know Cole Clayborne in For the Roses.  He is Noah’s great, great, great(?) grandfather, a scoundrel also in  his time.  Lastly, Noah is someone you can count on anytime and says what he means and means what he says.  What more he has a great sense of humor.  Who wouldn’t fall for that kind of guy?

Noah Clayborne first appeared in Julie Garwood’s Heartbreaker, her first(?) contemporary novel and if the rumors are true is about to be made into a movie.  When Julie herself posted on Facebook that maybe Heartbreaker will be optioned for film, I immediately thought who would play Noah, the FBI self-professed bad boy with a heart of gold (so to speak), and not who would play the lead characters.  In my mind, I picture him to be a tall, blond, blue-eyed character with a devil-may-care attitude with everything around him.  Additionally, the actor to play him should be able to call up a sexy, Southern drawl without effort.  Pity the generation of young hollywood actors today lack the sex appeal of the older generation.  Please don’t kill me, dear readers, I meant no offense when I said it.  I mean it would have been easy if Paul Newman or James Dean or Jude Law or Johnny Depp or Josh Lucas or Timothy Olyphant were still in their late 20s or early 30s.  Pretty boys like Leonardo DiCapprio, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds shouldn’t be in the running because although handsome, Noah Clayborne’s character has a little hardness to him and I can’t see my all time crush Leonardo being  that kind of character even if he is that good in acting.

Maybe, Alex Pettyfer of Beastly fame?


Or Armie Hammer of The Lone Ranger, perhaps?


Anyway, that’s about it.  If you have any suggestions as to who should play Noah Clayborne in the movie, do drop some suggestions, okay?  I’d really like to know who you’d choose.  Thanks in advance.

Day 7 – We Go Together

Whew!  I survived the Readathon and am pretty proud of myself.

First of all, I was able to read 5 1/2 books from my TBR pile I have posted here and will still be reading today to finish the 6th book.  I’ve also planned a book shopping expedition on Friday (my off day!) so I’ll be pretty swamped with new books by then.

Secondly, I was able to write my participation entries for the entire week even though I failed to submit this post for Days 6 & 7.

Thirdly, I have added so many books to my TBR list.  I think the suggestions made by fellow readathon participants were so great I don’t know how I’ll be able to get copies of them all.

Lastly, I have touched base with a fellow blogger who has some of the same interesting interests like me.  Because of Angela’s post, I learned of the Readathon.  Thank you for that, my lovely newfound friend.

[Photos courtesy of Google here and here.]


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