I Guess You’ll Want Me…La La La La

Day 2 participation post for the Summer Lovin’ Readathon over at Read-a-Thon Central is titled Must-Have Summer Reads.  I am glad that my husband indulged me to two latest Nora Roberts releases when we met up last week so I have something new to recommend.

But first things first.  I’d like to recommend to you all to grab a copy of Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts.


Why?  Because it captures the extreme danger the smoke jumpers face every time they fight wildfires.  I have re-read this novel for countless times now and when I heard of the tragedy up in Prescott, Arizona it made me open its pages once more.  It’s like my way of honoring the fallen.  I know the story written in the book will never in any way match to the true-to-life pain, anguish, horror of the tragedy but it still is a very good read for summer.  It will open your eyes (if you don’t know already) how truly courageous these men and women are.  Before I read this book, firemen were up on my heroes list then after Chasing Fire, smoke jumpers topped it.

Secondly, I recommend The Perfect Hope by Nora Robersts (again).


It is the last book in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy which features an inn, a friendly ghost who favors honeysuckle, and the lives of two people who hesitatingly succumbs to the power of love.  I like this book because it completes the trilogy and it confirms the nagging suspicion I’ve had since the first book that there’s something more than meets the eye with the two main characters.  I love a good mystery twist.  Who doesn’t, right?  What’s another plus for this book is it can be read without the first two books because it has its own story to tell.

Lastly, I really think summer should be for suspense, mystery, and unexpected plot twists.  So, for the last book (but not the least) that I’d recommend is Guilty Wives by James Patterson (with David Ellis).


It is one of Patterson’s “stand alone” thrillers that I have the pleasure to get a hold of some weeks back.  It tells of four friends, housewives (term is loosely used here), who were enjoying their ‘grand vacation’ away from their husbands, from family responsibilities, when they get caught up in a homicide of the global kind.  I really, really love this book because it captures the dynamics of husband-wife relations, of friendships, of the justice system.  Chillingly it also captures the very unpleasant situations one can get into when inside a prison.  I’m sure you’ll love this book, dear readers, because it features a very strong heroine in the person of someone you  might not expect of.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  I have other books in mind to include, but I’ll limit it to three this time.  Have a great summer enjoying these books.


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