Unofficially Sick…with the Flu

Pulling out my ‘funky’ winter socks from the socks drawer in the throes of desert summer is really, really, a crazy thing to do.  But I have self-diagnosed myself with the flu or the common colds what with me waking up with sore throat, runny nose, headache, malaise and the intermittent fever present.  Can you blame me?  I just wish I don’t have to go to work tonight, but I am starting my night shift today and there’s no one to relieve me of my duty.  Besides, several patients are waiting for my TLC in my ward.  Even if I say so myself.  Hehehe.  Here’s hoping that my not-so-lazy day in bed (as I am still busy blogging, re-reading a Nora Roberts, and watching movies alternately) will help cure what ails me.

And now a peek on the famed funky socks.  I know it’s a silly thing, but humor me, please, will you? 🙂


Still I wish my  mom was just in the next room.


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