Happy Birthday, Labs!

Today marks the birthday of my husband of 9 years, Emerald.  And this will also be the first time after 28 days we shall see each other face to face.  Imagine that.  Hehe.

We had to make do with Skype-ing daily (overcoming bad internet connection on his part)…



But the best part of it all, we tried our hardest.

So, to the main man in my life, I wish you a very HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  


(After church worship service.  I just had to post a photo of him with me at his side. Lol.)

May we continue to share the ‘dream’ and reach for it against all odds.  I love you very much.  My wish is for you to be happy and healthy always.  Can’t wait to see your smile as you open your gifts.

See you later, mahal ko.  (Opo, dala dala ko ang cake mo.)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Labs!

  1. That’s amazing and very impressive!! That’s true commitment and loyalty, congratulations and enjoy your reunion xx

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