I Sorely Miss the Beach

Lately, Sao Paolo has been making the rounds in the news.  What with the ongoing protests and demonstrations the government wants curbed.  Although a debater in college, I’m never one to indulge picking sides and fighting them over with someone.  Guess, it has to do with my tendency to lose my temper so easily if the other person do not see my point.  Just ask my husband.  Hahaha.

Anyway, I thought of treating the readers with something positive amidst all these problems.  So, here is a postcard from a direct swapper in Brazil, Renan.  It shows an aerial view of Praia Do Félix in Ubatuba, Sao Paolo.


Pretty amazing view, eh?  My home country has several beautiful beaches similar to this one which makes me homesick looking at this postcard.  At this time of year, I would be preparing for several summer outings to the beach back home.  Unfortunately, I have to stay put and work in this beautiful land of desert and sand.  Not complaining.  But I’m promising myself to always use my annual leave and go somewhere with beautiful sea and sand to relax and unwind.  Next year.

So, I hope I helped you have good thoughts today, dear readers.  Have a great weekend!


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