Tranquility at its Finest

I am always excited to come home after my last night duty from the hospital.  Why, you may ask.  It’s because I have the entire day of “me” time.  I can do whatever I want, anytime I want to do it.  However, four nights of duty can take its toll on anyone’s circadian rhythm that all I want to do is catch up on sleep. Like in a cool, tranquil place similar to this postcard below sent by Michele, a cool swapper, in Ontario.  This lovely picture makes you want to forget doing your chores, right?


Looking at this postcard makes me imagine myself lying on a hammock suspended from between those two pine(?) trees over on the foreground.  Hehehe.  Incidentally, this is my first postcard from Canada and it comes along with lots of paper goodies for a swap in Swap-Bot.  Hence, pretty special.

But today I’ve chosen to postpone sleeping and/or resting until later for I plan to accomplish lots of things today.  Wish me luck because you will find out later that sleeping for 8 hours is always my priority.


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