Alas! Incoming Mail for Week # 24

Lately, this is what my typical incoming consists of: a letter and two postcards.  But I’m not complaining as we, the snail mail afficionados, know that to receive a letter you must write one.  And I have been remiss in this.  But not for long.  I only have three more letters to finish and send out and my week’s worth of decluttering will finally be over. ^_^  And by next week, perhaps a lot more is coming.  Hurrah!

The letter pictured below comes from my pen friend, Jessica, in Putnam, CT.  It was definitely a nice surprise.  She enclosed a tea cozy and she sent pictures with it, too!  I can’t wait to start making my reply to her.  And surprise her with something nice, too.


The top postcard is from a swap I joined and the bottom one is a thank-you postcard.  I shall feature them in future posts.  When?  Time will tell.

Here’s hoping you’ll have a happy mailbox always!


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