Of Lighthouses and Father’s Day

Today, the Philippines (my home country) is celebrating Father’s Day.  Expectedly, stores and malls will be decorated with everything related to this celebration, and restaurants filled with families eating out to mark this special day of fathers.  I would like to take this opportunity to greet my ever-patient father, Roberto, a very Happy Father’s Day!  Life in the past had been hard on our family, but because you tried your best to provide for us as best as you could, we have overcome life’s terrible trials together, as a family.  Thank you very much Papang for loving Mamang as you do.  It warms my heart and everyday I pray that I would be loved by my husband as you do mom.  Bask in today’s wonderful moments, you deserve it!

In line with today’s occasion, I feel featuring this postcard of various lighthouses (25 total!) along the German coastlines of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is just fitting.  Lighthouses connote stability and dependability as do good fathers, right?  An avid postcrosser, Dieter, in Leipzig, Germany whom I’ve met through Postcrossing sent me this card (4/4).


Again, Happy Father’s Day to all the good fathers out there.  It’s your day to shine!


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