Dancing and I


I remember my husband asking me which talent I’d love to have been born with ~ singing or dancing. Unhesitatingly, I said I’d love to be a great dancer. Yes, not just good but great. I’m sure a great majority would refute this statement, but until now I stand firm with my answer. Here’s why.

I think to have a great singing voice is simply awesome. I get awestruck every time I listen to singers who are so talented. But I think dancing is both awesome and purifying to the soul. Again, my corny lines, apologies for this I just can’t help it. Dancing is not simply the learning of moves, but it also involves the abandonment of oneself to the rhythm of the music one dances to. And to be able to put across the emotions of the song into movements fluidly is what makes it awesome. Don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, I was not born to be a great dancer. Otherwise, I’ll be dancing my life away now rather than being just a regular girl who loves to read and write. Which I so love, don’t get me wrong. Anyway, I wrote this post because earlier in the afternoon I was at dance practice. My colleagues and I would be performing for the Nurses’ Week festivities, thus, the practice. Honestly, I can learn the moves of most dances, but whether I have the grace onstage is another matter. Hahaha. I would have shied away from joining, but I had no choice as everybody has to participate. So, just for the challenge alone, I am dancing onstage in front of a crowd which makes me cringe thinking about it. But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “do one thing that scares you everyday.”  So, I danced!

[Photo courtesy of Google.]


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