Hello, dear readers.  I was meaning to post something light today as this is my day off, but the news that I was awaken to made me change my mind.  Philippine rebel forces attacked my beloved hometown, Zamboanga City, using civilians as human shields against answering defensive attacks by the Philippine Armed Forces.  It saddens me that once again these lawless group is using Zamboanga City for their self-centered motives by putting fear into innocent civilians only because Zamboanga City remains steadfast in its stand in saying NO to any and all attempts to make it part of the autonomous region.  Sigh.

Right this moment, I fear for my family and all Zamboangueños as these rebels are attacking villages and holding hostages anyone who come across their paths.  I just hope the President of the Philippines together with the City Mayor do something NOW to right this insurrection before the day ends to avoid more deaths of innocent civilians.

As a favor, dear readers, I ask you to say a prayer that peace once more will reign and Zamboanga City will have a peaceful night today.  Thank you so much.


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[Photo courtesy of Facebook.]

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